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...on an extraordinary journey at our Science of Sound camp, meticulously designed to ignite young minds and foster a lifelong passion for science and music. With our camp, your child will not only explore the fascinating world of sound through hands-on experiments and interactive sessions but also develop critical thinking and teamwork skills in a fun, engaging environment.

A Symphony of Learning

Our half-day sessions, starting from £27.50, are a concert of educational activities, where children delve into the science of acoustics and more, experiment with creating their own instruments, and discover the role of science in nature and technology.

Flexibility for Families

We understand the challenges of juggling schedules, which is why we offer an extended hours option at £12.50 per extension. This flexibility ensures you can drop off and pick up your child at times that suit your family's needs, providing peace of mind and convenience without sacrificing the quality of your child's learning experience.

Nourish Curiosity

Enhance your child's adventure with our specially curated, nutritious meals for just £5 per day. Each meal is packed with brain-boosting nutrients, ensuring your young scientist remains energized and focused on exploring the mysteries of sound. From fresh fruits to whole grains, we've thoughtfully selected options that cater to youthful tastes while promoting healthy eating habits.

Don’t Miss the Encore

Places in our The Science of Sound camp are highly sought after and fill up quickly. Secure your child's spot today and give them the gift of a memorable and educational holiday adventure. Our camps are not just a place to learn; they're a space where friendships blossom, creativity is unleashed, and the joy of discovery resonates long after the camp has ended.

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