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Welcome to The Science of Sound, a London based science activity provision for children, where education meets creativity and entertainment. Here, we're not just about sound; our realm extends into the fascinating worlds of biology, chemistry, physics, and cutting-edge technology, all interwoven with the fundamental principles of sound science. It's a place for children aged 5–12 where curiosity meets discovery, leading to the most engaging learning experiences for our young enthusiasts. We host a range of fun science activities for kids, in the form of workshops, holiday camps, after-school clubs, parties, and more.

At the heart of our mission is a growing team of dedicated professors and our cherished attendees—whom we fondly refer to as "Sound Explorers." This sense of belonging and community fosters an environment where learning is not just educational but truly exhilarating. We're proud to be a leader in cutting-edge education with our notable science holiday camps, having received the support of numerous schools and local authorities, including Kent County Council, and the London Boroughs of Sutton, Kingston, and Merton.

Understanding the needs of busy families, we offer nutritious meals for those who may not have the time or means for a packed lunch, and extended hours—adding an extra 30 minutes to each side of our sessions—for added convenience. Our curriculum is ever-expanding, with over 200 existing modules and more on the horizon, ensuring that our 'Sound Explorers' always have something new to discover.

From science holiday camps and workshops to science parties and beyond, The Science of Sound is an adventure in STEM like no other. Our exciting educational field trips and "just for fun" days are filled with activities ranging from balloons and bubbles to slime-making and exploring the human skeleton, making every topic not only fun but deeply informative.

Make no mistake, the Science of Sound is no music club or tuition centre. We're a team of 'professors', passionate about exploring all angles of STEM, with a special love for the science of sound. Our approach is hands-on, minds-on, encouraging our Sound Explorers to see, touch, and hear science in action.



Realistic illustrated speaker in The Science of Sound colours, with liquid splashing off

We're now taking bookings for our "The Science of Sound" Summer Splash Camp across the South West of London! Spaces are quickly being filled in Kingston upon Thames, Sutton, Croydon, and more. Don't miss the chance to secure a spot for an educational adventure in sound science.

Last Easter, the theme is Eggs & Bunnies, and we even included our favourite 'noise putty' making session. We all love slime, and the Easter cohort loved the experience of making their own 'slime-like' substance that makes a funny sound! Join us for even better activities this summer!


We host our The Science of Sound camps in several locations all throughout South London, all of which are easily accessed via public transport - with expansive bus and train links - as well as connected to many main roads, including the A3, M25, and the M3.

For more information on our each individual venue, please see our "Locations" tab.

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Experimenting and Creating Through Science

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