Granard Primary School

Granard Primary School in Putney is an exemplary school that embodies a commitment to children’s education and inclusivity, making it an ideal location for hosting our “Science of Sound” camp. Situated in Southwest London, the school is recognised for its vibrant community involvement and dedication to fostering an enriching learning environment.

Granard Primary School enjoys a positive reputation within the local community, celebrated for its proactive approach to education and community engagement. The school’s Ofsted rating of 'Good' reflects its effective educational practices and the positive impact these have on student outcomes. Granard is particularly noted for its vibrant and inclusive ethos, which supports a broad and balanced curriculum that enriches students' educational experiences.

The school’s focus on creating a supportive and dynamic educational environment aligns with the aspirations of our “Science of Sound” camp, as we look to inspire and engage every child that attends. The dedication of Granard’s staff to uphold high standards across all aspects of safety and security ensures that everyone who attends our camp will be safe and happy.

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Location and Transport Links

Located in the peaceful neighbourhood of Putney, Granard Primary School benefits from excellent connectivity to London's extensive transport network. The school is conveniently accessible by public transport, with bus routes serving the area that link directly to key points such as Putney Station and Clapham Junction. For train travellers, Putney Railway Station is just a short bus ride away, offering services to central London and beyond. The school's proximity to the A3 also provides excellent road links for attendees travelling by car, with ample on-site parking available to facilitate easy access.

Crestway - 430

Carslake Road - 424

A219, A3

Putney Station


Granard Primary School features a range of facilities to cater to diverse personal requirements. The school is also committed to accessibility and inclusivity, with facilities designed to be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. The site includes features such as ramps and adapted restrooms to ensure that all attendees can enjoy a comfortable and convenient experience.

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Granard Primary School offers an impressive site for our "Science of Sound" Camp and is a conducive and enriching setting that promises to enhance the experience for all our camp-goers. With state of the art facilities, large grounds to use, and supportive staff, our choice of Granard Primary School as a location for our "Science of Sound" Camp is one we have not taken lightly.

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